Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bullying Awareness ...uh week??

Where I live it's Bullying Awareness week, but really, is a week of awareness enough? I don't think I'm the only one who wishes we could all be more conscious and aware of bullying every day!
Last month you couldn't turn on the television without seeing yet another expose on the tragic ending to a young life that could have been prevented.

It inspired me to share my views on bullying...not just as it pertains to gay teens but a more generic look at the root causes of bullying, the widespread effects and how we can end the cycle.
As the response was so overwhelming when I first posted these entries, I wanted to share them with you again...their content and relevance just as important today as the day I wrote them.

Be part of the solution to end bullying for good! Be the Role Model!!


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this important and timely post.

    As a Canadian parent, educator and the founder of the annual National Bullying Awareness Week, I would like to share four Websites I have created that seek to prevent bullying through education and awareness. I hope that they may be of help, information and support to others.
    The world's most visited and referenced Website about bullying
    The world's first Website about cyberbullying
    The official Website of the annual Bullying Awareness Week
    Offering research-based, Moodle-supported online courses and Webinars about bullying and cyberbullying for educators and parents.

    Here is some information about my background as it relates to this issue:

    I hope that you and your community will find help, information and support with these educational resources I have created.


    Bill Belsey

    President, Canada
    "Where you are NOT alone!"


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  2. Bullying is a crime. If schools want to ignore their responsibility and not protect children, then we need a third party investigation. We can say all these empty statements or we can make a difference and help pass a private members bill that calls on the Ombudsman to investigate complaints.
    If you care about protecting children call your MPP and ask him or her to support the Private Members Bill that was presented on Monday of this week.
    Here is a summary of it.
    If you need a copy of how to get hold of your MPP, click here. Or you could do nothing and wait for the next child to commit suicide rather then go to school.

    Here is a series of reasons why you may want to call your MPP. But then again you could do nothing and wait until another child is raped again and again and again....
    Ontario Must Do Better

    Here are some reasons why you may want to consider supporting this Bill….

  3. Well said. Also, I used to work with troubled kids aged 11-16, and let it be acknowledged that 99% of the kids who bullied other children, were bullied by their parents.