Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherhood at it's best!

I'm one of the lucky ones...after years of yearning and trying I stepped into the role that I somehow always knew I would, despite the obstacles that kept popping up...I became a mom, one of the most important role models in our kid’s lives!

As I sit here now, almost a quarter of a century beyond my kid less twenties, I have but one regret - that I wasn't who I am now in those early years of motherhood.
  • I wish I could have had the where with all to bite my tongue before yelling and making my children cry...
  • I wish I had learned to be more present with them instead of being distracted by the stress and worries in my life...
  • I wish I had dismounted my high horse sooner, realizing that I didn't always know better or more than them...(and still don't!)
  • And most of all, I wish I could have known how to love them unconditionally from the get go (I thought I was :( )
The experience of being a mom was everything I thought it would be and more, although the more coming a little later in my rearing days. So I'm not perfect...none of us are!

We all do the best we can and I know that because of the stages my children have gone through – from temper tantrums to piercings and everything in between – I've grown up and changed too...and that's a good thing!!

My kids are both adults now and my traditional parenting role is pretty much over, I’ve done my job! At 18 and 19, I trust that my now young adults know right from wrong, kindness from not and have a vision for their lives that is all their own!

Of course I’ll be their mom forever but I’m looking forward to this next chapter of their lives and mine with no apron strings attached!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. Lovely post. I think it's gard for any mother not to have regrets.